Property finding -General overview

play-buttonAnyone familiar with purchasing property in the UK will understand the processes that are in place to safeguard the purchaser. When dealing in a foreign country and currency these become increasingly important, however these services are not considered standard practice in the Spanish property market. Many people looking for property in Spain are not aware of the potential downfalls of investing in a foreign country. It is all too easy to get carried away and make decisions that could be potentially disastrous.The first stage of the property finding process is to establish as accurately as possible the criteria. This process obviously needs to take into account the basics – budget, location, accommodation requirements, etc. But there are many more aspects involved in finding the perfect home, the style of building, privacy, proximity to neighbours, services, schools etc.

Our method of establishing the criteria we think is very thorough but does rely on the serious co operation of the client to provide the correct information in the form of comments and feedback. Whenever possible we try to discuss some of these details on the telephone before we begin the search procedure.

This is how it works:

Stage 1

The basic criteria are fed into the system to produce our starting list. This sometimes can result in as many as 500 properties. Further filtering reduces this list to around 30 to produce a selection representing properties approximately fitting the criteria but chosen primarily because of their different features and aesthetic appearance.

Stage 2

After your comments on the initial list we now have a much better idea of the type of property to search for, and in the next exercise our aim is to produce a list of properties which fit closely the criteria that has been established

Stage 3

A second rating exercise is sent, comprising of around 15 potentially interesting properties. This contains at least 4 photos and describes additional features the property may have. The client has the opportunity to rate each one, make comments and rule out those that do not make the grade.

Stage 4

The feedback from the second rating exercise leads us to the final selection process. Here we investigate in depth, the properties that have been given the highest ratings and prepare our short list. This final part of the process attempts to reduce the number of properties to be viewed to about 8. The object ultimately being to ensure we don’t waste time, effort and money, looking at properties that are unsuitable.

Stage 5

Once the client is happy there are enough properties to view to warrant a visit, we arrange an itinerary with back-to-back viewings making the best time of the client’s time. As part of an itinerary we will prepare background information as to the pros and cons of each property so as to be fully prepared prior to the viewing. During the visit, we can also assist with securing their NIE or fiscal numbers and opening a Spanish bank account – both necessary for the purchase of a property.


Property finding can be as easy as A B C – Just answer these 3 questions to get started.

A: Where – The Town City or region which interests you?
B: What – The type of property you are looking for and your budget?
C: When – Your estimated completion date (month and year)?

Search and Survey investigates three main areas where it is vital that you have accurate information before making any commitment:

• First we search the widest range of property available to help you in selecting your property in a logical and considered manner.
• Next we employ our legal team and our professional staff to carry out searches beyond anything normally available in Spain.
• Finally we assess the value of the property while our surveyors carry out a structural survey to in order to highlight any defects.

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