Search and Survey Services and Fees – All inclusive Package

Full details of the €3,300 all inclusive package are detailed below. The table shows the whole process however, should you find a property without our assistance, see our A laCarte prices for individual services. Please remember ALL services listed below are INCLUDED in the full 3,300€ package price.

Summary of Services Provided

  1. Pre purchase preliminary telephone discussions, exchange emails and ideas to include a series of rating exercises to establish the criteria. You decide which of our services is best for your particular circumstances.
  2. Search for suitable properties & prepare a structured viewing itinerary.
  3. Pre Viewing Briefing – S & S presentation – examine selected properties and discuss programme, tactics, etc.
  4. Accompanied Viewing (In the event no suitable property is found process 2,3 & 4 will be repeated up to 3 times without extra charge.)
  5. Unaccompanied Viewing This may be necessary in certain circumstances. (In the event no suitable property is found process 2,3 & 5 will be repeated up to 3 times without extra charge.)
  6. Fiscal registration (Nie Number). A legal requirement when buying in Spain.
  7. Open a bank account – Establish preferential terms for money transfers, utility payments,etc.
  8. Preliminary title searches. Establish the vendor is the registered owner and discover any liens or charges on the property.
  9. Technical Valuation. Our surveyors will make a theoretical technical assessment of the property’s value to establish a fair market price.
  10. Price negotiations. Assist and advise to achieve the best deal from the Vendor (We are good at this!)
  11. Offer to purchase. A formal written offer (Spanish & English) to ensure there is no doubt about the agreed price, our conditions and terms of completion, etc.
  12. Reserve agreements. We prepare a contract with the vendor (Spanish & English) to take the property off the market for a period, until we have surveyed and investigated the property thoroughly. Usually involves a deposit paid to the vendor of about 3,000€.
  13. Preparation of a Private Contract. We prepare this document with your interests in mind, between Purchaser and Vendor Written in both Spanish and English it includes clauses relating to the formal public transfer of the property at the Notary at some future date. It also includes the circumstances when money paid by way of a deposit are to be refunded to the buyer.
  14. Legal Searches, full investigation of the legal status of the property. A report is prepared (English & Spanish) with all supporting documentation, outlining any irregularities, etc.
  15. Local and Regional authority searches. Here we investigate any planning issues.(land grab implications). Urban restrictions etc.
  16. Official Valuation. This report provides an independent assessment of the value of the property from both a commercial and technical point of view. It is presented in Spanish with an official English translation.
  17. Certified Structural Survey. This report gives a detailed explanation of any defects found in the property, and the implications of rectifying same. It includes photos of areas of concern. It is presented in Spanish with an official English translation.
  18. General detail report. This report is a technical specification document describing all aspects of the property, plot and its potential for additional construction. It includes floor plans, etc. It is presented in Spanish with an official English translation.
  19. Preparation of documentation for the Notary. This includes any rectifications to the escritura (property deeds)which may be necessary.
  20. Attending Notary & Official Translations. The documents presented by the notary to the vendor and the purchaser have to be translated so that all concerned understand what they are signing. Only officially qualified translators are able to perform this.
  21. Change Utility Contracts – Water, gas, electricity, telephone, etc. Ensure the previous owner has paid all outstanding bills including any property taxes or fines,etc.
  22. Prepare Will – Its a good idea to have a Spanish Will when you acquire assets in Spain. This can be arranged if required.
  23. Power of attorney– It may be necessary to appoint someone to act on your behalf for example in the event you are unable to attend the Notary for conveyancing.

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