Search and Survey Services and Fees

Many of the services we provide are free of charge, other legal and professional services are charged at a fixed rates (see table below).

Search & Survey provides all the legal and professional services you require whether you are contemplating buying land and building your own villa or a new or resale property. We help you find exactly what you are looking for, manage the entire process and ensure when we hand you the keys at the end there are no unexpected surprises. By utilizing our specialist departments we have access to a massive, unrivalled database of properties and building land for sale in Spain.

What’s involved and what does it cost.

There are several steps involved in purchasing a property in Spain which are different to those applied in the UK therefore you would be wise to seek professional advice: Do not be lead astray by sales people – professional advice means using independent legal advisers and NOT the estate agent who is selling you the property or a lawyer acting for him.

Anyone familiar with purchasing property in the UK will understand the processes that are in place to safeguard the purchaser. When dealing in a foreign country and currency these become increasingly important, however these services are not considered standard practice in the Spanish property market. Many people looking for property in Spain are not aware of the potential downfalls of investing in a foreign country. It is all too easy to get carried away and make decisions that could be potentially disastrous.

Search and Survey are an INDEPENDENT team of professional specialists who are specifically engaged by purchasers and potential purchasers. We make no attempt to influence a sale because selling property is not our business. Our interests are strictly with protecting the interests of the buyer and not the Vendor or his selling agent.

The full package – Finding through to completion costs € 3,300

You can choose any of the following, either as individual services or as a complete package. It is considerably cheaper in the long run to take the whole package since we are able to subsidize our costs by way of an introduction fee we charge the vendor agent.

• Find a suitable property
• Carry out stringent checks
• Final conveyance at the Notary
• Five in depth Property reports

Search and Survey investigates the areas where it is vital you have accurate information before making any commitment We search the widest range of property available to help you select your property in an organised and considered way. Furnish legal services and local searches beyond anything normally available in Spain include certified structural surveys and independent valuations.

Search and Survey will save you time and money, and give you the peace of mind that your investment has been thoroughly researched.

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