Tendering Your Contract to Builders

While your building licence application is being processed, we invite builders to tender for your building contract. We then choose from all the proposals which builder has the best credentials to provide the quality of construction you require within your budget.

Agreeing Contract Terms with the Builder

The contract is the corner stone for a successful project, but it is often not given the attention it is due. Anyone dealing with contracts will know that the devil is in the detail. A 'standard contract' from a builder will be more favourable to him and offer you little protection. As your architect, our role is to negotiate the best terms we can on your behalf. Key clauses include the payment terms, clear specification of the work, minimal additional costs due to unforeseen work, penalty clauses, sequence of events if say the builder becomes insolvent to protect the work you have paid for, etc… Tight contract terms are in the interests of all parties to ensure there are no misunderstandings later on. Trying to sort out mistakes that are due to a poor contract can be very frustrating and expensive.

Project Management in Spain

We take responsibility for ensuring that the building works are carried out according to the project design and the building contract. Stage payments will have been agreed in the contract, and as the work progresses, we sign off each stage to ensure the work is satisfactory before any payment is made. In any dispute with the builder, we represent your interests. The final payment will be due when all the work has been completed to your expectation and the property is ready for handover. 

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Project Management in Spain | Search and Survey

Never, under any circumstances, sign a contract or document without first taking professional advice! Contact The Land Register or the local Notary before committing yourself!

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