Building and buying land in Spain

Spain has much to offer the weather weary residents of its northern European neighbours. It's little wonder over the past 20 years or more, increasing numbers of people have been selling up and moving to a land free of smog, to a land where black ice and fog and days of endless rain are unheard of. Thousands each year are relocating to this truly cosmopolitan part of the world where one never feels like a foreigner and the sun shines 320 days a year.

The land register website is owned and maintained by Search and Survey SL and operates mainly in the Northern sector of the Costa Blanca, inland and along the Coast from Benidorm in the South to Gandia in the North.

If you are planning to build a new property then you will find hundreds of building plots for sale listed at .

All inclusive package

This package is the most popular since it offers to provide a full service from the beginning stages right through to handing over the keys of the finished house.

  • Assistance Finding Plot
  • Legal and Planning Checks for the Purchase of the Plot
  • Supervision of the Building contract
  • Project management
  • Notary and Legal documentation
  • Hand over keys

Fee = 2% of the total cost of the project

Building in Spain

It is not the intention to go into great detail on the subject of building rules and regulations. However, as a general guide you will find outlined below a summary of the main factors to consider when selecting a building plot. Be aware that many regulations are unique to certain Town Halls, and many Town Halls interpret the rules in differing ways.

Building land tends to fall into two distinct categories namely urban land and rustic land. Generally speaking urban land is found in the areas surrounding the town. Whilst rustic land is found in the countryside, usually some distance away from the town.

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Never, under any circumstances, sign a contract or document without first taking professional advice! 

Contact The Land Register or the local Notary before committing yourself!

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