Independent Spanish Property Valuation Report

A useful reference that examines the size and type of the construction, the characteristics of the plot, the location and other aspects influencing the value of the property. Similar properties and their values in the same area are then compared to assess an accurate figure for the value. The valuation can help secure loans or a mortgage if necessary.

Market Valuation

You may not be borrowing money to buy, in which case all the more reason to make sure your own cash investment is sound. Have the property independently valued before you complete the sale. This way you will know for sure, the true value and exactly what you are buying. This could prevent future problems and may save you a considerable amount of money.

Trust me sir - it's a bargain!

There is no shortage of people trying to sell you a property in Spain and its often worth shopping around the estate agents to see who is offering the best deal. It has to be said that an agent is usually more interested in making a sale than giving advice as to the true value of a property.

Independent property valuation reports are very inexpensive and can ensure you do not make an expensive mistake especially if you are not familiar with the local market prices.

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Certified Valuation Report

This report aims to provide some information about the purchase price of the property in relation to the market value within reasonable limits. The valuation takes into account external factors such as the supply and demand in the national and international markets, and internal factors such as the particular situation of the property.