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Local Authority Searches

Customers from the UK will assume these checks are normally carried out as part of the legal process, however in Spain this is not the case. This is where many problems for purchasers commonly occur down the line. For example there has been much press coverage regarding the LRAU, or more commonly known the land grab laws, where owners have found that their property is due to be in the middle of a new development and they are required to pay for the infrastructure as a shareholder in the land.

The general plan at the local town hall will detail all future planned changes in land use and development projects in the local area. From checking the general plan, we will understand if any new developments or changes are expected, so that our client is aware how this might affect their property. The local authority searches also check potential liabilities due to the town hall, for example if the previous owners have not paid their rates, or have outstanding fines for illegal building work, etc. Any planned road widening or other infrastructure projects that could potentially claim land from the property is also checked.

This urban planning report establishes if there are any reasons for not completing the property purchase as a result of the planning searches. These would cover denouncements against the property and/or potential future liabilities that could affect the true cost of the property, and comparing the data listed in the General Details report - especially the built areas - with local regulations.

Regional Searches

At Search and Survey, we extend our search to a regional level as any new urbanizations and changes of use of land proposed by the local town hall will need approval from the regional authority.

To read more about Spanish Planning Rulesvisit: Info Library and download our Ebooks.

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Certified Urban Planning Report

The actual report is prepared in Spanish and is supported by documents, photographs, plans. etc. used to highlight any future or current planning issues, such as land grab, road widening, compulsory purchase plans, etc. The report is signed, sealed and delivered by Search and Survey’s senior architect Dr. Manuel Cabrera. This is a legal document authorized by the college of Architects in Spain and carries professional indemnity cover for claims up to €500,000 in the event of damages caused by any mirepresentation contained within the report