Structural Survey in Costa Blanca - Essential when buying a second hand property in Spain.

If you borrow money to buy your property you will almost certainly find the bank or lender will insist the property is surveyed and properly valued before they provide the funds. It follows therefore that since the banks and mortgage providers follow this procedure in order to protect their interests it should be a valid and sensible course of action for anyone else when buying a property. You may not be borrowing money to buy, in which case all the more reason to make sure your own cash investment is sound. Have the property independently surveyed before you complete the sale. This way you will know for sure, the true value and exactly what you are buying. This could prevent future problems and may save you a considerable amount of money Our detailed report covers the following points:

  • For any Major Structural Defects
  • For Costly Infestations, Damp Problems, Maintenance Issues.
  • An opinion on the state of plumbing and electrical installations.

Some real estate agents, but not all are qualified to sell property. Most will organise a search to establish whether or not it is owned by the person selling it. They will check to see if there are any liens charges or other encumbrances. You can also employ a lawyer to do more or less the same thing. But this is only half the job! In addition, most people would agree it would be good to know if the property being purchased is structurally sound, free from dry rot, rising damp or subsiding foundations, etc., etc. It's often the case of not what you can see, but what you can't see in a property that matters. In short it is prudent and relatively inexpensive to have the property surveyed and valued by a professional surveyor. The average size property survey will cost around 1,000€ for a detailed report. Don't take any unnecessary risks when you buy in Spain.

Certified Structural Survey in Costa Blanca

At Search and Survey, we carry out the survey whether it is necessary for any loan or mortgage to establish the condition of the property, or simply for peace of mind and as a means of safeguarding their investment. Any defects need to be uncovered and addressed before completion, or be referred to in final negotiations.

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Certified Structural Survey Report

The actual report is prepared in Spanish and English and is supported by documents, photographs etc. used to highlight any defects or concerns. Banks and mortgage providers will always insist on having both a valuation and a structural survey prior to agreeing to advance money, it follows therefore if the banks are sufficiently concerned about investing their money, so should a private individual who uses his own money.

The report is signed, sealed and delivered by Search and Survey’s senior architect Dr. Manuel Cabrera.