Our E book library contains information on many aspects of Spain of particular interest to anyone considering investing in property, for holiday or as a permanent resident.

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All about Electricity, gas, water etc and how utilities are provided in Spain


Things you need to know and things you will have to do if you are to buy in Spain without risk or problems.

1Types of contracts commonly used in Spanish Property sales and purchasing.


General guide to building your own property in Spain.


Doctors and hospitals, Social security healthcare and private healthcare in Spain


Guide relating to planning regulations as they affect foreigners moving to or living in Spain


This is a general guide to finding employment and setting up business in Spain.


Part one discusses some of the legal aspects of living in Spain.


Property valuation reports are very inexpensive and can ensure you do not make an expensive mistake


All about money, including best methods to transfer money to Spain, etc.


How to set up a bank account, Mortgages etc.


How to go about finding a property, precautions to take, reduce risks.

17The education system in Spain, private and public schools.


This guide outlines more legal issues and advises on inheritance tax in Spain


This is a informative ebook covering many aspects regarding buying property in Spain.


Included in this ebook are clauses which are considered to be void or or abusive


Legal issues involving property sales and purchase contracts, etc.


A structural survey highlights:- Defects, Infestations, Damp Problems, Maintenance Issues an opinion on the state of plumbing and electrical installations.etc

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